Proud to Announce my Certification as an Apprentice Ipsalu Tantra Teacher



September and the first week of October has been a crazy, CRAZY time for me! At the beginning of September, I taught a nine-day sexological hypnosis intensive for my IASHS students. Then, with only a day’s break, I flew to Hollywood, Florida for a seven-day Ipsalu Tantra Teacher Training (Mod.1) course. After arriving home at the end of September, I had to quickly pull together a two-day SAR (Sexual Attitude Restructuring) class on short notice (as a substitute teacher) and then spent 12 hours creating a 4-hour lecture which I gave at IASHS a couple of days later. No wonder I’m tired!

However, the tantra teacher training experience was glorious: full of the most incredible people, all learning together in an old, reputedly haunted, mansion during thunderstorms and lightening flashes. We laughed, cried, summoned and circulated sexual energy, practiced our ASATE programs, demonstrated them to our classmates, and generally engaged with each other non-stop from about 7 AM to 10 or 11 PM each day. We ate fantastic vegetarian food every day, and stretched, and danced. It was like being at a really exhausting spa…

Much of our training consisted of learning how to teach variations of the Ipsalu ASATE sequence: Activate the body, Still the Mind, Arouse Sexual Energy, Transmute (sexual energy), and Enjoy!

Our teachers were Pat Sheehan and Nayano. Saying they were “wonderful” just doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about them. I feel very good about Ipsalu Tantra International as an organization as well – ethical, honest, dedicated. All praise to Bodhi Avinasha, the founder, and the many wonderful people who teach and support this organization.

I look forward to bringing Ipsalu Tantra to my clients (those who are interested, of course!). As an Apprentice Teacher I can hold day-long programs based on the Ipsalu ASATE sequence, hold satsangs for Level One initiates, guide people through the first three chapters of the practicum, and begin assisting at Level One workshops. I look forward to deepening my own practice as I offer Ipsalu to others.



All of Us or None (AOUON) Political Poster Collection and the 50th Anniversary of the Free Speech Movement


In observance of the 50th Anniversary of the Free Speech Movement in Berkeley, I am also celebrating the massive AOUON political poster collection created by the late Michael Rossman, FSM pioneer. I drew the above poster because I thought the collection deserved a poster of its own. I made two multiples of the original on a giant poster copy machine, and gave one to Michael Rossman for the collection. (I kept one copy and the original artwork.) The poster was returned to me after he died, and before the AOUON collection was donated to the Oakland Museum of California. (Sadly, a great deal of punk posters I’d collected and donated to AOUON were lost to me at that point. I have no idea if they were kept or discarded.)

Before Rossman’s death, I’d been photographing some of the erotic and sexual freedom examples in his collection of about 20,000 or so progressive political posters. I was attempting to learn from and organize them as a visual chronicle of the sexual revolution. Many rock posters were included in this category. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete that sexological investigation.


I had written a column about this in Carnal Nation, back in 2010. Unfortunately, Carnal Nation is no longer online and so I can’t share a link with you, just the graphic that headed the column.

Other scholars have done brilliant work with the posters, including Michael’s friend and colleague, Lincoln Cushing. The Oakland Museum of California displayed a small percentage of the posters a few years ago, next to the 1968 exhibit. It was great to see the posters, and know that Michael’s lifework and passion were well tended. The world would be a poorer place without enthusiastic collectors and preservationists with a passion for social justice.

Update: When I first wrote this blog I had hoped to present a preliminary slide show of these posters, called “Eros in Action,” at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS), as part of the Fall 2014 Basic Lecture Series (BLS) and as a postscript to my much longer presentation, “Sexologist in the House.” However, I ran into time constraints and could not do it. Am hoping to give a more complete lecture on this topic at an IASHS BLS in the coming year. 

Journalist gets his “brain fried” with erotic hypnosis and lives to write the tale.



Jeremy Glass seems to be a pleasant fellow and he’s a journalist besides. A few months ago he contacted me about having an erotic hypnosis session so he could write about it for a well-known website for fashionable twenty-somethings. The well-known website didn’t publish it, but he just rewrote the article for another site and now you can find it here.

Now, I didn’t actually do what I’d call an erotic hypnosis session with him. I don’t know him that well (in fact, I didn’t know him at all), so I provided what I’d call a sexual confidence building session, the kind I’d actually do for clients. And I’m amused by his account of his experience in his article. He says he was “brain fried” but I think what actually happened was a gentle buzz. But “brain fried” certainly makes a nice headline, and it also reminds me of eggs, which is unfortunate, as I’ve been on a liquid diet the last few days and I’m so very hungry…

But I digress.

However, I would like to make a teensy correction to his article. Actually, sometimes people CAN “jizz on command” in hypnosis (as Glass says) but I don’t think it’s something you can usually get to happen right away with a stranger. Ditto with non-jizzing orgasms. I sure wasn’t going to try it with someone I didn’t know, over Skype, for a lark – not even with a journalist. Just not my thing, if you know what I mean.

Now eggs, I could get into those! Even with someone I didn’t know.

But I digress. (With butter. Yum…)



Other than that, I’m happy to have the publicity.

So then I guess I should mention that in October I’ll be doing two more Erotic Hypnosis workshops in Berkeley. Please join me. They are reasonably priced. And fun.

And in November I’ll be on the “Think Kink” program of the Society of Janus, talking about my survey of erotic hypnotists. The SOJ event will be held November 12 at the Center for Sex and Culture, 1349 Mission St, SF (btw 9 &10th St).

And did I mention eggs? Yeah, I guess I did…

(Fried egg by BozzyandJin, 2013, Creative Commons. Source:

Dr. Ted McIlvenna’s Statement to CA Senate Appropriations Committee

Check out Dr. Ted McIlvenna’s statement to the CA Senate Appropriations Committee here on Facebook (the IASHS page).




Then please assist us by signing our petition to amend SB 1247. IASHS is not the only small school jeopardized by the language in this bill. Thank you!

Help Save the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and Other Small, Niche Schools Too!



Please sign this petition to amend CA SB 1247 and help save our school! I urgently make this request!

CA SB 1247 is a bill submitted to re-establish the Calfiornia Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education, and while we think this is a good thing, the current bill is making the mistake of requiring small institutions (many of which have delivered educational programs for decades) to have the same kind of accreditation that the much larger institutions have.

There’s a catch-22 here, in that the accrediting agencies are not interested in, and are not set up to serve, the smaller schools. They simply don’t care – and when a school delivers graduate level programs in human sexuality – they don’t even want to touch it!

This petition asks the State of California to instead allow a peer-review process, with supervision by the State oversight agency, as an alternative to the large regional and national accreditation BUSINESSES which do not wish to serve the smaller, niche-education schools.

So please, please, please do sign this petition. It’s so very important to so very many adult students in CA, not just those studying at IASHS! Thank you!




My New Job: Dean of Students, IASHS



I am so pleased to announce my new position as Dean of Students for the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, as of August 5th. I’m very excited to have this opportunity to work at this very unique graduate school for sexologists, and with people who have given me so much in the way of opportunity and support over the last eight years.

I’m also looking forward to working with present and future students of IASHS.

My schedule is flexible enough that I will be able to maintain my private practice as a clinical sexologist, so I really have the best of all possible worlds. I’m feeling so lucky!

New Name for STD Alert App – Healthvana



It is with intense relief and gratitude that I pass along the announcement that the app formerly named after a treasured, sacred dance form is now officially christened Healthvana.

Though I was very hard on CEO Ramin Bastani and his advisors during the controversy, which was especially heated during most of this year’s spring, I am impressed with the fact that he not only listened – but also responded! It was not easy for him and his company to take on a third new name and all the branding and tech tasks that go along with this – but CEO Bastani did it.

By golly, he kept his word and he did it! I’m giving him every credit for this. Not many corporate and start-up folks would have taken the outrage of Hawaiians this seriously, but he did. And we can all breathe a real sigh of relief as a result.

I also look forward to the day when the remnants of “hula-as-an-STD-alert-app” are completely gone from the internet, replaced by Healthvana and the good work it can do.